The mission of our school is establishing permanent, healthy and right relationships within the school community, thanks to which the teachers will become the guides of our students in their way towards the professional and personal development.

Secondary Vocational School No. 1

See also: our offer, Technical Secondary School No. 4, First-Cycle Vocational School No. 4.

At Secondary Vocational School No. 1, we offer training in the profession of a nutrition and catering service technician.

To be admitted, you must have completed a first-cycle vocational school in the profession of a chef (preparation and serving of dishes qualification).

Studying at a second-cycle vocational school lasts two years. During your studies you will gain one qualification:

  • organization of nutrition and catering services (external professional examination after the first term of the 2nd grade).

You will take part in a professional internship in a school workshop or in a renowned catering establishment (restaurants, hotels).

Classes related to professional qualifications take place in specialized laboratories and are divided into groups.

After graduating from a second-cycle vocational school, you can pass the secondary school leaving examination and continue your studies at university.

In the 2023/2024 school year, we are opening one class of a second-cycle vocational school. During recruitment, we take into account the average in vocational subjects in BS I and the grades at the end of a vocational school in the first cycle of:

  • Polish Language,
  • English Language,
  • Mathematics,
  • Information Technology.
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